York festival of ideas: The Secrets of Sleep

12:30–14:30 10 June 2017 – by THCCentre

Are you an early riser in the morning or do you prefer a lie in? More of a ‘lark’ or more of an ‘owl’? Our internal body clocks tell us when to sleep and when to wake up, and many of us have clocks that run quite differently. At the University of York we study this using fruit flies that also have body clocks similar to humans.

Come along and find out what scientists get up to; see your brain waves when awake and resting; have a go at relaxing with mindfulness; try our questionnaire to nd out if you are an owl or a lark and have a go at racing flies with normal or broken body clocks.

Tang Hall Community Centre

Tang Hall Community Centre
Fifth Avenue
YO31 0UG


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