In December 2012 Tang Hall found out it had been selected to be part of a very special National Lottery funded programme. 150 areas in England were chosen to allow residents to decide for themselves how to spend their money – often called Participatory Budgeting or Community Lead Local Development (CLLD). York were in the third and last wave, benefitting from early lessons learnt in other areas.

Local Trust is the organisation looking after the Big Locals and is responsible to the National Lottery for the spend.

Big Local is about

  • Resident lead decision making
  • Bringing together local talent, ambition, skills and energy
  • Using £1m to make a massive and lasting difference

What does Big Local want to see happen?

  • Communities to identify local needs and take relevant action
  • Increase resident skills and confidence to meet future challenges
  • Make a real difference in their chosen areas of focus
  • Residents feel their area is a better place to live

This website was built in response to local consultation – an umbrella site that allows for

  • community groups to participate
  • share community news and events
  • be part of an online community where we can share our skills, ideas, training
  • help us develop our Tang Hall Local Plan where there is something for all our residents
  • build a stronger community where we all feel a sense of belonging.

We invite community groups to join our directory. See the link for details of how to register.




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