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Many (if not all) of the 150 Big Locals across England offered small community grants to help residents and local groups to develop their ideas to improve community life in their areas.

In Tang Hall, we have supported sports and exercise classes, lunch clubs, cooking courses, educational groups, children’s play and personal development courses amongst many others, with grants ranging from £500 to £2000

Applications for grants are now closed.

If you need help and support with community grants, please contact us.

In addition to our smaller grants, we have partnered with UnLtd to provide larger awards for local social entrepreneurs.

UnLtd provides funding and support for enterprising people with solutions to social problems, which can change society for the better.

Tang Hall Big Local have given £50,000 over three years to UnLtd, to fund social entrepreneurs who want to address social issues relevant to the people who live in Tang Hall.  UnLtd will support individuals who want to address social issues throughout their journey.  Support is provided by a dedicated Awards Manager, who will help you to think through your idea, create a plan, apply for an award, and deliver your project.  There are several types of award available, from small awards to test ideas, to much larger ones, to scale up your business and really start making a difference.

Tang Hall Big Local hope to build a lasting legacy.  We believe that local people deserve a great future, and we want to nurture local talent. Tang Hall Big Local and UnLtd can help you to do this and ensure there is great support and opportunity for learning and development.

UnLtd’s previous work with Local Trust has demonstrated that social entrepreneurs and the ventures they run create real benefit for local residents. Local social entrepreneurs can create services that really fit local needs because they live there too. For example, homegrown talent, Tang Hall Smart were supported by UnLtd, and are now in their sixth year, delivering music and creative arts clubs, classes and training to local people – they even have their own record label, recording and producing music with some of York’s most talented – visit their website for more information about Tang Hall’s first successful UnLtd social enterprise! You can also read about how social entrepreneur Rachella Sinclair has helped build community markets and local enterprise in Noel Park Big Local or how Sam Delaney’s social enterprise is helping recovering drug and alcohol users in North Cleethorpes Big Local.

If you are interested, and would like to find out more about UnLtd awards, please get in touch with Ann Roli (UnLtd Award Manager) by email or phone: 07545933803 or visit the UnLtd website.



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