Our plan

Each Big Local consults with their area and writes a plan which is submitted together with a budget to the Local Trust. Once it is approved we can start to deliver on that plan with the community. The plan can be changed and amended if needed.

The next plan – from 2020

Our next plan is currently in development; we have conducted research and consultation, and are working on the budget details for the years to come. Updates on this as soon as we have them!

Our latest plan 2017-2020

Summary – We are in year 4 of the overall plan and year 2 of the second plan. This document is the reworked summary for the last 2 years of the second plan in response to a considerable underspend in year 1 (of 2nd plan) and to simplify our messages to make it easier to share with residents and stakeholders.

Building on the first 2-year plan THBL will continue to focus on the 4 areas of work:

  • Wellbeing
  • Green Infrastructure and facilities
  • Building Connections
  • Young People and Families

Working from our office in Tang Hall Community Centre with a Plan Co-ordinator and Marketing/IT and Social Media support we will develop our community development through project work, developing Partners and Strategic work through networking and support economic development in our area.

Main areas of work – using all work for consultation and feedback/evaluation

  1. Core activity

Develop stable framework between Partnership and THBL CIO – including financial reporting

Work with Local Trust and other Big Locals to share/learn and offer training as needed.

Develop and commission larger scale projects that directly address underlying issues – starting with Food. Scope potential projects to work in partnership with specialist organisations to focus on debt (pay day lending), violence in the home, mental health (inc. loneliness), physical health via exercise.

  1. Wellbeing

CAB/CAY – continued support for Friday morning advice hub

Social Prescribing – work with GP’s and Ways to Wellbeing Service to deliver activities co-designed with residents to improve health inequalities

  1. Green infrastructure and facilities

Support facility development in the area – TH Community Centre, Portakabin in Hull Rd Park, Burnholme and Melrosegate Field.

  1. Building Connections

Deliver on THBL investment in the joint Local trust/THBL/Unltd project ‘Made in TH’ supporting the development of social enterprises in our area.

Events – design and deliver a varied and inclusive programme of events for residents

Stakeholders – work with organisations and strategic partners who wish to improve the lives of our residents. Work strategically to match fund projects for longer term sustainability and develop assets as longer-term legacy

Improve access to joining in – supporting residents to reduce barriers to volunteer and have Barry the Van as community transport.

Support digital inclusion via website and social media – and supporting those who are digitally excluded.

Continue to support residents, organisations via our Community Grants Programme and support special events e.g. Mediale

  1. Young People and Families

Commission and deliver Youth Provision and supported activities

Summary Budget – The spend will be approx. 300 – 400k in the next 2 years

Priority Area Notes


Core Includes staff, office, website, evaluation
Wellbeing CAB and Social Prescribing
Green Infrastructure Hull Rd Park/Melrosegate
Building Connections Events, grants, van
Young People & Families Youth Provision commission
Special projects Food commission & Debt/payday

Our previous plan 2015-2017

During the first 2 years of our plan, from 2015-17  THBL aimed to spend £289,000. With an ambitious target to support local activity. Money was spent on;

  • CAY – Citizens Advice York Friday morning advice support at Tang Hall Community Centre
  • Hire of Skate park/climbing wall bringing facilities to our area
  • Community Grants – to support community groups with ideas that need support
  • Office set up costs including 2 staff members at Tang Hall Community Centre


  • Launch Party at Tang Hall Primary – Sept 2015
  • Consultation events
  • Partner Events – to worked together with those already here and want the best for THBL
  • Community Cinema
  • Make and Take

Despite our best intentions we spent around £90,000 due to limited time and resource.

With staff now on board and with a lovely office at THCC we aim to spend £0.5m over the next 3 years.

One of the key changes that THBL undertook in the last year was to become a charity in order to manage its own budget. The charity will undertake the responsibilities of the LTO – Locally Trusted Organisation. See localtrust.org.uk

Within the charity, the Partnership will continue to develop the Local Plan and drive the strategy whilst the trustees of the charity will ensure the spend fulfils the Local Trust’s obligations as part of the Big Local programme

In the download section you will find a copy of our plans and the profile of our area written in 2015.

If you are a resident or work in the area, or have feedback on our plan – do let us know via the contact page.



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