Powered by the people of Tang Hall, Food Circle aims to create a better food system, one which works for the benefit of all.

We want to….

  1. Empower the urban community. Access to ingredients, tools and knowledge.
  2. Support and invest in our sustainable farm heroes. Reduce agricultural waste and reinvest in better farming practises.
  3. Encourage people to VALUE OUR FOOD. Take time to buy, prepare and enjoy. To value the ingredients and preserve the seasons.

To achieve these goals, Food Circle will be providing a number of services;

  • Farm Shop – PLEASE BRING YOUR OWN BAGS/CONTAINERS (we aim to be package free). Supplying you with the very best local and seasonal produce – fruit, veg, flour, oil – as well as our homemade bread and preserves.
  • Cooking workshops – Practical and informal drop-in sessions to give you the skills to utilise produce from the farm shop. Expect guest chefs. Accept any skill levels.
  • Field trips – Volunteer opportunities to visit farms, bakeries and kitchens to help give you a better understanding of where your food comes from.
  • Community dinners – Nothing fancy. Just simple home cooked meals prepared with the best and freshest ingredients. A chance to celebrate the food culture of the Tang Hall community.




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Food Circle

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