Raw and Natural Health

22 February 2018 - – by HenryandHenry

We would like to inform and enthuse the local community about the value of eating natural and unprocessed foods for their health promoting benefits and demonstrate ways in which this can be done creatively and with enjoyment. It is our experience that many people wish to make changes to their diet either for health reasons, because they wish to be more supportive of the natural environment, or simply to explore a greater diversity in what they eat, but they are often unsure about how to start, or simply lack the confidence to do so.
Based on our own life experience, we bring a depth of knowledge about natural food and how it can support well-being. In addition, we have the ability and relevant background to help others to understand the obstacles that are often hindering their progress, by enabling them, through awareness-training, to become more compassionately conscious of their thought-processes and behaviours.
We do this through classes, workshops and lunches.


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