Dance, Dance, Dance

25 July 2023 - – by Tang Hall Big Local

The fabulous Tang Hall Big Local Residents Dance Festival went with a shuffle ball change! York Dance Space put on a fabulous show, we got our dancing shoes on and had some seriously funky fun. Movema put on an incredible display, and got everyone moving, with some brilliant, if funny results.  Professionals were on hand to teach the moves needed, although some of us maybe needed to learn our left from our right and who knew counting to four could be so tricky! There was elegant ballroom, Irish dancing, an amazing display from Movema who wowed the crowd with their grace. The grand finale was Line Dancing, led by the fabulous York Vintage Dance who put us through our paces and got us all moving in time. Nearly.  In a sea of movement there were oases of calm with workshops on Yoga, Mindfulness, relaxation and massages available.  


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