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Making sure everyone has access to digital making activities to obtain essential skills in a growing and developing world.

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Due to the ongoing and complex Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation and due to the health and safety of our attendees and volunters, we have made the decision to suspend all York Pi Jam events until further notice. In the mean time we are working on our online resources which are accessible on the Education page so you can learn and play at home. Sorry for any inconvenience at this difficult time for all.

Introducing My York Pi Jam

Here at York Pi Jam, our mission is simple… we want to make sure everyone has access to digital making activities to obtain essential skills in a growing and developing world.
York is quite a big and busy place, and until recently our work was running events in Acomb and Tang Hall, and workshops where we can.
Since then, we have set up our online Education page and we are working with schools to provide support. We also worked on E-Safety support and advice for the parents and guardians of the world, not just York.
But we can’t reach our mission without your support. The donations we receive help us to run events, but we don’t want to stop there. To allow us to work on our mission and run more activities we need more funding.

Introducing ‘My York Pi Jam’:

My York Pi Jam is a subscription service including exclusive blog posts, tutorials, projects, updates and other exciting announcements that you would normally miss out on.And the best thing is… its only from £3.99 a month. That is simply a coffee, and you get exclusive news in digital making and STEM, including our research, and you feel good about supporting a local not-for-profit event.

The different subscription tiers:

This is our standard subscription. You get patron-only posts and messages, ad-free videos on Patreon as and when we release them in the future, access to tutorials and projects no one else gets, apart from subscribers and that amazing feel good feelings you get when you support a not-for-profit organisation.

By paying that bit extra you will also support our E-Safety work and receive a monthly update through the post about the mission – as well as everything in the standard subscription. Pretty neat!

If your a big fan of York Pi Jam and the work we do… maybe this is for you. You get everything that we stated above as well as updates about our events and workshops – and we’d be forever grateful.

Why subscribe?

We aim to publish a new tutorial monthly of which is exclusive to our subscribers – so there is always something new to make. The one for April is already live!

We will write blog posts throughout the month about our progress overall and tips from the team.

We do a poll (mostly every day) for you to get involved in.

This is practically a standard monthly donation. All the funds we get from your subscription goes into running York Pi Jam – and you get something different as a reward.

How do I sign up?

It’s super easy to sign up – and we’re forever grateful for every subscriber (especially at this time where we receive no donations from events due to the suspension of York Pi Jam during the Coronavirus outbreak).

It only takes 2 minutes to sign up and here are the easy steps:

  1. Choose the membership you want.
  2. Sign up
  3. Add your payment method (direct debit)
  4. Get the benefits!

Just visit to get started!

Stay safe and thanks for all your support.

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