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Hull Road Park, Flaxman Avenue, York

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Tuesdays 9.30 - 12.30 & 13.00 - 16.00

The York Men’s Shed is a  local community organisation set up to provide a place where men can gather to work on projects or just to socialise. Our shed will, at least initially, be organised around woodworking skills.

What are ‘Men’s Sheds’?

The shed concept began in Australia in the mid 90’s. There was a realisation that older men encountered a number of health and well being issues, that could, in part, be attributable to social isolation. In more down to earth terms, when we retire we can lose a significant network of friends and colleagues. Sometimes it is difficult to fill the gap that loss of connection can leave.

Whenever men get involved in activities there is a lot of sharing of experiences. That mentoring mindset is often nurtured by the way working men (in any type of work) share information to help them be more effective in the workplace. This becomes the basis of social interaction which isn’t lost just because one enters retirement.

So the idea of a place where men – particularly retired men – can come together that recreates the positive aspects of a working environment was established. Since then the movement has spread across the globe and here in the UK there are over 200 sheds providing enjoyment for almost 5000 members.

What sort of people are we looking for?

We would hope to encourage a friendly social atmosphere where anyone would feel welcome to come along and join in. There are of course exceptions, we are not set up to deal with vulnerable people and we aren’t intending to be a care provider so individuals need to be self managing. Neither are we presenting ourselves as teachers or experts – although the sharing of ideas and skills will undoubtably be a valuable part of working together in our ‘shed’.

So, if you think you might enjoy being part of the York Men’s Shed get in contact with us.

York Council have assisted our start up by providing us the use of the old wardens hut in Hull Road Park.

It is in the centre of Hull Road Park in York. Nearest bus is the Number 6 and get off on Alcuin Avenue by Flaxman Avenue.

We are now open every Tuesday at 10.00am. We will add other days as demand builds up.

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York Mens Shed

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    We will be in The Shed from 10am every Tuesday until about lunch time. As we get going we will open other times and days.

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