Our mission is simply to get the masses moving.

We want everyone to be motivated and encouraged to take part in physical activity.

We specifically want to encourage those who are impoverished, older, in need or otherwise isolated in society. We know that moving improves physical health and emotional well-being. That is why we are inclusive, accessible and free so that everyone has the opportunity to discover and enjoy movement.

We train volunteers to lead free-to-access physical activity sessions and provide a volunteer-led walking buddy service to help get people out of their houses and into the community.


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Move the Masses


  1. 26 Aug @Move the Masses

    Behind the scenes, we've been working on a digital transformation project to future-proof the growth of Move Mates.……

  2. 25 Aug @Move the Masses

    Our gentle, sociable group walks are great for bringing people together for a chat in the fresh air. Routes are up……



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