Jackie and Julie at Experience Counts offer a realistic and supportive programme which takes account of personal circumstances, health and family constraints to enable you to move forward positively and successfully.

We believe passionately that people over 50 years old have a huge amount of untapped knowledge and expertise to offer in employment, self-employment and volunteering.  They are flexible, adaptable, and capable of both learning new skills, as well as understanding how many of their skills are transferable.  The Experience Counts 50+ is a realistic and supportive programme to enable participants to move forward positively and successfully.

Recent programmes have seen 44.8% of participants gain employment,  27.6% engage in volunteering and 3.4% start their own business.

Contact us for more information about the Experience Counts 50+ programmes starting at the Tang Hall Community Centre.


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  1. Experience Counts 50+ programme: ECJRF7: Week 5

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