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Community Catalysts CIC, a social enterprise working across the UK to try ensure that people who need care and support to live their lives can get help in ways, times and places that suit them, with real choice of attractive local options. We have many years of experience helping local people nationally to use their energies and talents to deliver sustainable community enterprises that can support other local people, creating jobs and volunteering opportunities.

The Enterprising Communities Project is a new initiative delivered in partnership between City of York Council and Community Catalysts. The project, which will run until October 2019, aims to stimulate the development and growth of community enterprises to help support people who are lonely and isolated and to increase their community wellbeing. City of York Council sees this as a key part of the strategic direction to invest in asset based approaches in the city.

Small community enterprises often struggle to find the information and help they need to cope with changes in the care world, regulation, legislation, marketing their service, knowing who to talk to, or a multitude of other issues.

Our project has a focus on community enterprises that support people who need some care or help to live a good life and:

  • provide care or support services to people who are older, have a disability or illness or are vulnerable for some other reason
  • have 8 or fewer full-time equivalent staff or volunteers
  • are totally independent of any larger organisation
  • could benefit from some support or advice

It doesn’t matter if your organisation is a charity, voluntary organisation, social enterprise, small business, cooperative (or any other structure you may use) as long as it meets these criteria you are able to access help and information from myself, as coordinator of the York Enterprising Communities Project. Also, as existing providers, you may be willing to share your experiences with new, fledgling or potential community enterprises, which would help improve both the quality and credibility of this much-needed approach to providing care and support services.

If you, or someone you know, is running (or hoping to establish) a community enterprise and would like some help and support please let me know and I will be more than happy to help in any way I can.





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