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Local Area Coordination is an evidence-based approach to supporting people as
valued citizens in their communities. It enables people to pursue their vision for a
good life and to stay safe, strong, connected, healthy and in control.
As well building the skills, knowledge and confidence of people and the community,
Local Area Coordination is an integral part of system transformation. It simplifies the
system and provides a single, accessible, local point of contact for people in their
local community.
Local Area Coordinators support people and families in their local community:
 Who may be unknown to/ineligible for services to build their own, their family’s
and community’s resilience and/or reduce the need for services whenever
possible (capacity building)
 At risk of crisis or dependency of services to build resilience in their local
communities through the development of networks and local solutions,
therefore eliminating or reducing the need for formal services (prevention and
demand reduction/avoidance)
 Already dependent on services to build personal connections, community
contribution, reducing reliance on formal services, wherever possible (service
How does Local Area Coordination work?
The Local Area Coordinator role combines a range of traditionally separate roles and
delivers in the community alongside local people. The role includes elements of
functions often called information provision, signposting, planning, peer support,
community connecting, care and support planning or service navigation.
Local Area Coordinators work in a defined geographical area. There is no formal
assessment or eligibility to be introduced to a Local Area Coordinator. Local Area
Coordinators are introduced to people through their network of relationships in the
community, membership of associations or groups or via formal services.
Local Area Coordination then starts with a positive conversation with a person about
building their good life.

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